One last Chance For Potential Zone Changes To Your Property!

As you know I am leading a work group that will be putting an edited version of our city’s draft comprehensive plan for your approval on the May ballot.
I am asking you to review the most current zoning map by clicking onto the link If you would like to see a zone change on your property and it is consistent with other similar uses in close proximity to your property, then please let me know by January 8th 2014 and I will try my best to accommodate you.

In my opinion, over the years we have not been responsive to your requests about YOUR property. I hope this can be a “positive” to start off the year right.

As an advocate of private property rights, I fully intend to fulfill that commitment to you.

For more information, you can log onto my website

thank you,

Steve Spinnett
Ma​yor, City of Damascus ​- 503.312.3450​​ – ​



  1. Doug Walker says

    Dear Mayor Spinnett,
    I live at 14390 S.E. 222nd Drive, right now I am zoned RRFF5 and I want to stay at
    this zoning. I have no desires nor does any of my family, to build any additional
    We have an uninterupted view of Mt. Hood. The primary reason I bought this prior city dump I now call home. I had hauled of from this little chunk of heaven, over 222,000 lbs. of garbage. I fought cockroaches, rats and the pigs that owned this place prior to us. I have worked to hard and long and invested thousands of dollars in this property and do not plan to change my zoning nor do I like the mass housing plan you have planned for this beautiful productive neighboring farm land surrounding my home.
    We need to take a really long look at the north end of the extention of 222 through that farm land. Why don’t you plan it to swing back into the old 222nd and save the houses and property that will be destroyed by that boondogle.
    If you and the others really give a damn quit lying about the true facts as to zoning changes reasons. The councilors seem to forget we the people have memories, and I can point to several councilors that have their positions for their own personal gain. The crap that Shannon and DeYoung think no one is paying attention, to their unethical activities and violations to the public trust.

    Thank You Steve, good luck with the crowd of political scoundrals you have to work with.

    Doug Walker

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