Comparing Damascus Comprehensive Plans

We recommend a yes vote on 3-444 this May

Quick Facts:

  1. About 75% of the content in all three plans is the same or similar, following boilerplate guidelines for comprehensive plans. They DO VARY on some key elements listed below.
  2. Unless you decide to subdivide or develop your property, you will NOT see a city property tax increase on any of the plans, even if you see a dramatic increase of your property values.
  3. All three plans protect existing neighborhoods.


1.     Open Space – Private property excluded from development for the right to develop.

2.     Urban Scale – Public infrastructure is available and minimum densities met in residential zones.

3.     Interim Development – Development prior to availability of public infrastructure such as water, sewer.




Measure 3-444 gives the citizens of Damascus freedom of choice, allowing sound and lawful development while protecting core values.  It avoids unnecessary and extreme restrictions and requirements, while imposing reasonable and effective guidelines for development.  Some like to live in close proximity to their neighbors, while others enjoy more seclusion.  Some welcome public trails across their property.  Others do not.  In these and a full range of other matters, 3-444 allows a choice.

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The 2014 Damascus Comprehensive Plan Comparison Matrix

Below is a link to my Damascus Comprehensive Comparison Matrix that shows the key differences between our work group's edits and the other plans. I believe up till now this is the plan that has evaded us since the incorporation of The City of … [Continue reading]